Autumn / Winter Collection 2019/20

04651/ offers a collection of essentials that every man should have in his closet and, above all, in his travel bag. This season sees the collection extended by highlights in terms of colours and technology that also make a true statement.

Most noticeable across all product groups are a special feel, a particular nonchalance as well as the variety of materials used. The main actors here are micro-corduroy and boiled wool with a foggy effect. A special garment-dyeing method makes the fabrics show off a particular depth, and makes them look like a fine morning mist emerges on their surface.

The collection has not only grown but also makes use of an extended colour palette. All shades continue to be inspired by the Sylt landscapes, thus reflecting the brand’s origin. Navy, Smoke and Grey as well as Green, based on the colour of the reed in Sylt’s dunes, are already familiar. New additions are Sun, a rich, deep sunny yellow, as well as Brick and Brown, two earthy shades that are inspired by the Red Cliff on Sylt – the most fascinating coastal cliff in the North Sea. The cliff’s rusty brown shade is caused by colouration arising from the oxidation of ferrous elements.

The Mammut Collab

From the summit to the sea – more than 155 years of experience are incorporated in Swiss outdoor brand Mammut’s outerwear.
For the first time in the company’s history, the companies have come together to launch two exclusive styles.

Performancedriven products for demanding urban conditions, in a subdued, Nordic look. It is a whole new dimension of outerwear at 04651/.

The Oyster Capsule

Luxury in every detail: Inspired by the Sylt oyster, referring to nature in its most original existence. Sanded by the seabed of the rough North Sea, the luxury of the Sylt Oyster is not visible for everyone at once, but surely noticeable for connoisseurs – a quiet luxury, reluctant yet self-evident.

The collection comprises just one key piece in every product group – all of them are carefully selected and luxurious down to the smallest detail. An extraordinary highlight are the buttons manufactured using the mother-of-pearl from the Sylt oyster, just like this season’s key material for the Oyster capsule collection, ice-cotton jersey.