A Trip in a Bag

»A trip in a bag« – that’s the philosophy of collections and brand. Finest quality, special connectivity to nature and a touch of luxury – all packed in a weekender to spend a weekend in the most beautiful of all North Sea Islands.

The perfect 04651/ day? Waking up to a fresh North Sea breeze every morning and starting into the day with the warm, comforting feeling of home in the heart. The rough sea on one and the peaceful Wadden Sea on the other hand – to produce moments where time seems to stand still, at least for a moment.

»04651/ is really a matter of the heart to me and it's also a personal challenge.« Lars Braun, CEO

I'm Off Then

For a nice little getaway from the everyday you don't need much. A clear mind, a loved one, a good book... and of course the perfect look. And that's what the exclusive range of 04651/ offers, named after the area code of Sylt, the dreamy island in the North Sea. Founder Lars Braun puts it in a nutshell: »My idea was to design a collection that I would bring along for a trip in my own weekender.« 04651/ presents a small but sophisticated selection of essentials for men.

All the designs are developed on Sylt and production is exclusively carried out in Europe.

»Mr. Braun, as the owner of a long-standing fashion business in Hamburg, you are a representative for Hamburg’s values and traditions, but at the same time you focus on innovation and are constantly developing new ideas. Now you even founded your own label that is supposed to stand its own ground, completely independent from BRAUN Hamburg.«

Personally, and also as managing director of BRAUN Hamburg, I have always been on the lookout for a classic menswear label, but I’ve never come across anything suitable on the market. Finally, I came up with the idea of producing this kind of fashion myself.

04651/ is really a matter of the heart to me and it’s also a personal challenge. If I want to still excite people in the future, I have to remain curious and keep on evolving. At the same time it’s important for me not to forget where I come from.

»What does 04651/ stand for and what is the story behind it?«

Those who’ve been to the most beautiful of all the islands in the North Sea may know that 04651/ is the telephone area code of Sylt. As a born-and-bred Hamburger, I virtually grew up there – we used to spend lots of time there and the island never lost its hold of me – and in that I’m very much the same as all the other Sylt enthusiasts. If you travel on the German Autobahn, you can tell by the sheer number of Sylt-shaped stickers on the cars how many of us there are. When I think of Sylt, I think of beautiful beaches, the North Sea, the air saturated with seawater and this very unique attitude that, for me, exists only there. People spend lovely holidays there and treasure their memories dearly. On the one hand, Sylt represents luxury and exclusiveness, the desire for things that you don’t usually treat yourself to.

On the other hand, it is the falling and the rising of the tides, the rough salt-breeze, the scream of the seagulls and the harsh wind in the dunes. The sea, the heath and the horizon – simple things somehow turn into something special on Sylt.

»you need to go on about it with much sensitivity, aesthetic know-how and an awareness of values.«

»How would you describe your fashion?

04651/ is a lifestyle sportswear label that represents the finest quality, a unique closeness to nature and also a touch of luxury. All products are made in Europe. The collections are classy and timeless; they are essentials that should be part of any man’s wardrobe. The look is relaxed and casual and promises uncompromising luxury at the same time. Our slogan is ‘a trip in a bag’, or: that Sylt feeling to go – that’s the idea behind the 04651/ brand. We wanted to create a collection of garments that you would take with you in your own personal carry-all for a mini break by the sea: subtle and at the same time elegant casual chic, where comfort and quality will always come first. It is a collection of basic garments created in the most luxurious ways that represents the effortless chic of this beautiful island – that’s 04651/ for me.

Timeless classic like chinos and Bermuda shorts with a modern cut are available in fashionable colours and high-quality fabrics. Finest cashmere, up to 9-ply, is used for garments for chilly evenings at the beach bar, exclusively made in Biella in Northern Italy, which is known for its traditional craftsmanship. Their techniques lend our knitwear a lovely, voluminous hand and gentle dyeing processes retain the naturally soft properties of this precious wool fibre. Shirts and polo shirts made of comfortable cotton fabrics complement the selection. Textured jersey and light piqué come in a modern fit, slim, without compromising on comfort.

»The look is relaxed and casual and promises uncompromising luxury at the same time.«

»What is good style for you?«

Good style for me is everything that dresses you well but that doesn’t dress you up. Personally, I’d go for a modern but classic look. My task at 04651/ is to select the very best and develop an appealing, top-quality range.

I travel a lot and like to stay in nice hotels. I also appreciate good food and wine. And that’s what we would like to convey with our collection: the sophistication and the unique feeling of home the island gives us.

»How do you manage to dress in a timeless fashion and still keep up with the times?«

You need to go on about it with much sensitivity, aesthetic know-how and a awareness of values. Traditions can grow into something new and embody values like quality, longevity and reliability. And that’s the way to go for 04651/. The brand is for everybody, because stylish casualwear is always on trend. Classy cashmere, relaxed chinos, chic polo shirts, a well-fitting linen shirt – 04651/ offers a tasteful collection of casual styles, for everybody.

»Why did you decide to go for the muted look that the brand embodies?«

Fashion needs trends and new ideas as a key element. But there are plenty of young designers and trendsetters in our industry. I like to draw on my wealth of experience from the work in our family business, and it tells me that in fashion, too, we need reliable values like heritage and quality. I feel that lots of products and designers outdate themselves. I would like to give men some trust in their own sense of style. You can’t dress yourself up with 04651/ – our styles are fashionable without being fancy.