Sylt – as simple as it is.

»Sylt, you are just like they say, but still so different.« – Kampen, Keitum, Westerland, from the elbow-shaped peak down to Hörnum: Sylt has been a dream destination since the 1920s –and the 1960s finally saw the Sylt myth evolve thanks to playboy Gunter Sachs and his entourage.

Sylt is adventurous and full of contrast. World-famous wicker beach chairs, exclusiveness and classic elegance all face the nippy winds of the Braderup heath and the Wadden Sea with its unique shoreline.

The elements of nature are what everything boils down to – together with the rich air they lay their own filter on top of the image of Sylt.

It’s all about keeping it simple: small things like the dunes, the sea, the horizon, the heath and the sky turn into something special here, and every view across the landscape is a revelation. The falling and the rising of the tides, the rough sea air and the screams of the seagulls – it is this unrestrained charm whose nonchalance we love so much.

Wicker Beach Chairs
Hotel Beds

Severin*s Resort & Spa

Based in the heart of the island of Sylt, Severin*s Resort & Spa in Keitum offers an exclusive atmosphere that invites you to take a deep breath and relax. Guests will experience an aesthetically pleasing combination of typically Frisian architecture and contemporary design – the thatched roof on top of the main building being an exceptional eye-catcher with its size of 5,000 square metres.

Located just by the Wadden Sea, the resort is the ideal starting point for walks along the North Sea coast. Afterwards, guests can relax in the large spa area of 2,000 square metres.

Strandmuschel Rantum

Culinary enjoyments and joie de vivre, all under one roof at the Strandmuschel in Rantum. After a beautiful walk along the beach you will enjoy a blend of Mediterranean cuisine and regional fare. Depending on the catch of the day, turbot, plaice, sea trout, cod, grey mullet, and, if you’re lucky, sea bass, will find their way on the menu.

Their wine menu is a real treat: Sven Rurup, owner of the Strandmuschel, has been going on wine tours in German wine-growing regions at least once a year for a long time now. Sylt connoisseurs know that the sunsets in the dunes are extraordinary, and will be even more unforgettable with a glass of good white wine.